While the minimalistic Switch UI is appreciated, we're far past the point of needing folders


At least give us that

For the past several years now (nearly!) Nintendo has rolled out small hardware changes for the Switch, and every single time I pray for some sort of UI revamp. Look, I adore the Switch as a platform, but it’s high time we get folders…at the very least.

It’s getting to the point where even developers are clowning on it, and Twitter user Aero has done a great job of showing off what a potential 10.0 firmware update could look like. The main bullet point is folders, but there’s also an expanded avatar system, themes and a messaging system. It doesn’t run the risk of introducing too much bloat, as the UI is mostly the same as before.

I get that Nintendo needed to push the Switch out of the gate as quickly as possible following the calamitous Wii U situation, but the time has come for a revamp. You can’t just sell users 30-40 Switch games per weekon the eShop and expect them to juggle everything in an “all games’ folder.

Aero [Twitter] Thanks Rob!