Who says Resident Evil Village isn't scarier than 7? Baby Chris Redfield will haunt your dreams


This was probably a real scrapped RE6 subplot

Resident Evil games can get real weird.

Weird as in, “a grown man’s head on a baby” weird? Uh, yeah that’s about par for the course for this series in its complete camp heyday. It may not even be a top five all-time weird hall of fame event, and “we had clone DNA of Chris Redfield lying around” will probablybe uttered at some point in series history.

This Resident Evil Villagemod from creator JTegh takes things a step further and just thrusts us into a world where this is already a reality. It takes the Baby Rose model from Villageand swaps it with a Chris Redfield head, and the results are as horrifying as you’d expect.

Just like in the Resident Evil 2 remake, people are going to town with Villagemods already, slidingThomas the Tank Engine and Barney into the game. But again, while slapping existing IP into Resident Evilcould work in some sort of dream/hallucinogenic sequence, Baby Chris might be canon one day: mark my words!

No matter how many reboots Capcom might go for, they won’t be able to resist baby clones of popular characters.

Mini Me Chris [Nexus Mods] Thanks John!