Who wants a free copy of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns?


Do we make you thorny, baby?

Yo, check this out. Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thornscame out last Friday and I got ten codes for it. I bet that’s more than you have. Lucky for you, I’m a super nice guy.

Here’s the deal: Arena.net gave codes to Amazon who gave codes to us who are going to give codes to you fine folks. That’s a lot of dirty hands these have gone through. You should probably wash your hands frequently, especially since it’s almost flu season and you might be dealing with a bunch of filthy codes. And, have you gotten your flu shot yet? Don’t make me call you every day to check up. Just do it. I have important shit to do; I don’t need to worry about keeping you alive.

The breakdown here is a stockpile of five standard digital copies and five deluxe digital copies. They go for $50 and $75, respectively. Here are the Amazon links in case you’d rather not take your chances and go whole hog into the thorns right now (standard, digital).

For everyone else, you show great patience. Good. That was the first part of the test. You passed. The second and final part is to leave a comment telling us what makes you thorny. If you don’t want to do that, draw a picture of a Destructoid staffer in a thorny situation. Maybe Chris getting slapped by the Homecoming Queen and her bouquet of roses. You get the idea.

Mike Martin’s in charge of picking the winners. You have to impress him, not me. Flatter him. Bribe him. Send him a cheese platter. Put a severed horse’s head in his bed (he likes that.) In a few days, he’ll let you know if you’re one of the chosen ten. May the force be with you, or whatever we’re saying this week.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns(Standard, Digital) [Amazon]