Who 'won' the first day of E3? You tell us!


Let’s poll the audience…wait, we did!

The results are in! I’ve been recording your opinions for the press conferences so far at E3 2015, and Sony is winning by a 78% ratio of “love” or “enjoy” ratings. In second place, neck and neck is Bethesda with a 77% approval rating, thenMicrosoft with a 60%, Ubisoft with roughly 23%, and EA is dead last with an incredibly shameful 8%.

E3 isn’t over just yet — it’s only the first day! Tomorrow, join us for Nintendo (12PM EST), Square Enix (1PM EST), and the PC Gaming Show (8PM EST). I think the audience got it right this time, folks – you could literally rank those conferences with the exact approval ratings above for me, except Bethesda, which I would only put slightly above Ubisoft.

Of course, the real winner was inside of you all along.