Wildfire is a sneaky spell-casting platformer with co-op


And we gonna let it burn

Wildfire is a spell-casting “stealth game where everything burns” coming to PC on May 26, 2020. It’s a collaboration between Australian developer Dan Hindes (of Sneaky Bastards) and Humble Publishing.

If that one-line summary wasn’t enough to get you to watch the trailer, well, I can’t relate. The concept drew me in right away! Branded a witch and (almost) burned alive at the stake, it’s now you versus the world, and you’ve got some devilishly powerful abilities that leverage fire, water, and earthly magic. The upgrade screen shown at 0:28 in the trailer is all the convincing I needed. I’m sold on that aspect.

You’ll trap soldiers and traverse walls with vines, start fires that can and will spread, and form bubbles to float into the sky – everything seems to have multiple uses, and there’s combo potential. The character screams are a bit much, but the simple act of lining up arced shots looks super satisfying.

Wildfire is one of those hysteric games that should be inherently more fun in co-op. I’m down. And I think I speak for many of us when I say that I’d cherish the chance to play this on a console.