With this new harvest and plant trick, it's time to play Stardew Valley again


I guess I have to

Despite the fact that¬†Stardew Valley might not be getting developer updates for a while, it is remaining in the collective consciousness through fans. Whether it’s tireless mod development through the community or the discovery of tips and tricks,¬†Stardew is always on my mind more than Georgia. Take this Stardew Valley harvest trick!

In the video, evemaphone is harvesting crops while simultaneously planting seeds. To be clear, this is a twofold operation: they’re holding down the button to harvest (something a lot of people were aware of) while planting seeds at the same time, as they are selected. This whole revelation has led to more tips from the community (some of which I knew, some I didn’t), like:

  • You can pet multiple animals by holding down the pet button
  • If you harvest horizontally it’ll harvest the rows above and below you
  • A left to right harvest animation is faster

It’s the kind of thing you kick yourself for not doing after playing for 100+ hours. With all the knowledge I’ve accrued these past few months, my next playthrough is going to kick even more ass.

Stardew Valley has been one of several games that keeps on resurfacing in recent years because there’s so many moving parts. Some people are really good at the dungeon portion of the game. Others are pros at harvesting and creating the perfect farm, like the person who showed off this Stardew Valley harvest trick. Others discover all the ins and outs of exploration or NPC relationships.