Wow, Destiny's Xur is selling the Gjallarhorn, the best weapon in the game


Hasn’t been sold for months

If you play Destiny, you know theGjallarhorn. It’s a rocket launcher that fires a very powerful shot, and then extremely powerful (tracking) cluster bombs after it hits, doing solar damage the entire time. You know it because thousands of groups require it for raids, where every member of the squad fires it at bosses for instant gibbing.

I didn’t get mine until my fifth normal modeCrotacompletion, having played since week one.That’s because it’s a random drop, and hasn’t been sold since the first week of the game — until now. I should note though that it will be getting a nerf, and won’t be as powerful in the next expansion.

Currently, Xur, the limited-time purveyor of rare items, is selling theGjallarhorn for your pleasure until Sunday. If you don’t have enough Strange Coins to make a purchase, you can use this handy tip from a member of the Destiny subreddit. I haven’t played Destinyfor weeks (this last expansion kindasucked), but this news was worth coming out of retirement for. Maybe the next expansion won’t suck?