Wu-Tang Clan video game reportedly in development for Xbox


It ain’t Thrill Kill 2 either

According to numerous sources, Microsoft is currently developing a brand new video game based on the music of the legendary hip-hop collective, Wu-Tang Clan. The new project, “Shaolin” is supposedly in the works for Xbox platforms.

As reported by VGC, first word of the new game came from Windows Central’s Jez Corden, who revealed that he had heard of the project whilst speaking on the Xbox Two podcast. This revelation was then collaborated by regular spoiler Jeff Grub of VentureBeat. Grub posits that the Wu-Tang title is an “action-RPG” featuring third-person, melee-based combat and season-based content drops. “Shaolin” is seemingly already in development at Brass Lion — a studio founded by Mass Effect‘s Manveer Heir, Def Jam: Vendetta‘s Bryna Dabby Smith, and former Obsidian developer Rashad Redic.

Wu-Tang Clan, whose decades of excellent music and band “lore” has featured in movies, video games, comic books, and animated escapades, had its last venture in gaming with 1999 PlayStation fighter Wu-Tang: Taste the Pain, which itself was a reskin of the terrible, banned scrapper Thrill Kill. The Wu-Tang Clan dynasty lends itself well to multimedia projects, so it will be fascinating to see what form this new game takes, whenever Brass Lion and Microsoft and ready to unleash it.