Xbox exec believes Scalebound will boost Xbox One sales in Japan


Which is currently outsold by PS3

Although Microsoft managed the Xbox 360 situation in Japan, the Xbox One’s fate is less clear. Just a few months ago it was outsold by the PS3, and it seems as if the only answer Microsoft has is exclusives with big-ticket Japanese developers. One such game is Scalebound.

Just this week, Xbox Japan marketing manager Masashi Inoue, when asked about the potential of Scaleboundto boost Xbox One sales, noted, “Oh yes. Oh yes. I think not only it’s an exclusive for Xbox, but PlatinumGames is well known, and has big fans in Japan and also overseas. So, having seen those great demos, I firmly believe that that it’s going to deliver a lot of excitement to our customers, and we’re looking forward to the release.”

Of course it’s an executive’s job to hype up sales, but I’m interested in seeing the end result. I mean, it’s Platinum, so it’ll probably be serviceable, but we really don’t even know if Scaleboundis any good yet.

Xbox Marketing Manager Thinks Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound Will Boost Microsoft’s Console in Japan [DualShockers]