Xbox founder thinks Sony is winning the console war


Has Sony “won by a nose”?

Ed Fries — part of the original team that created the first Xbox way back in 2001 — thinks that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is leading the current-gen console war “by a nose.”

Fries added that while Microsoft had slashed prices recently, it was unlikely to make up the ground lost to Sony way back when the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were first released in late 2013.

That said, Fries — talking to — acknowledged that there was everything left to play for given Microsoft and Sony have taken different approaches in the burgeoning development of augmented and virtual reality tech.

But if you were hoping for more subtweets and veiled barbs as the console “war” drags on, set your face to disappointment.

“The two sides say nice things about each other; they compliment each other’s cool games,” Fries said. “It looks to me like most of the excitement is kind of over in the console war for this generation.”

“It looks likeMicrosoftis gaining a little traction back, but PS4 got a really early lead that will be hard for Microsoft to catch.”

Which can only be a good thing for us consumers, right?

“I think it’s good,” adds Fries. “I think it keeps prices lower and competition is a good thing.”

Has Sony won by “a nose”? Can Microsoft turn it all around? Is the console war even a thing any more?