By God they did it: The Xbox fridge will be a real product 'this holiday'


The Xbox fridge is no longer just a coveted one-off prize

Remember the Xbox fridge? Last year Microsoft made the meme a reality, as a fully-sized fridge that was available as a prize. Now, it’s going mini, and will be available later this year in some form.

Amazingly billed as a “world premier” trailer that ran shortly after their E3 conference, the Xbox fridge will be released “this holiday 2021.” They fully committed to the meme, even putting the “Xbox and Chill” tag in a gaming video on an official publisher’s YouTube channel in 2021.

No further info was given, like pricing and an actual date, or when the fridge would actually be available for pre-order. Or if it will be pre-orderable, as the tease was very cryptic. Maybe they’re saving it as a Halo Infinite pre-order deluxe bonus? I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time a publisher added a mini fridge!

Either way, with things like the Xbox fridge, Microsoft is making huge strides to be the “cool uncle” of this generation. They opened up the gates of cross-play and cross-progression, they’re working hard to preserve old games with backward compatibility, and they have the very easy-to-use Smart Delivery system. They’re also embracing memes like “your console looks like an appliance” and even the Halo Infinite Craig meme. I’m liking this chiller side.