Xbox has a new show that's partially dedicated to revealing news


Introducing Inside Xbox

Xbox is switching up — or at least expanding — how it makes announcements. Usually press releases, Xbox Wire, and Major Nelson’s blogare the main sources for Microsoft gaming news. Now, video will play a bigger role.

Xbox has just revealed a new show called Inside Xbox, and it’s meant to act as a direct business-to-consumer communication. In the teaser trailer, Microsoft specifically mentions breaking news, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes access. It’ll absolutely serve a heavy marketing purpose, but the promise of reveals makes it seem as if it’ll be more than fluff.

We won’t have to wait long to find out how useful Inside Xbox turns out to be. The inaugural episode is set to air on March 10 at noon Pacific. Among other things, Microsoft says there will be an emphasis on Sea of Thievescontent, some Xbox Game Pass news, and upcoming console features.

Looking forward, it seems as if Microsoft plans to make Inside Xbox a monthly production. Nintendo’s Directs might be the most obvious analog for what Inside Xbox aims to be. Maybe it cribs from Nintendo Directs a bit, but that comparison also feels somewhat disingenuous. Directs are announcement-oriented and Inside Xbox looks to be more of a variety show of sorts. Also, Nintendo is far from the only video game company that realizes bringing the news straight to the fans is probably in its best interests.