Xbox Live Indie Games closes at the end of the month


Pour a Forty for Silver Dollar Games

It’s the end of the line for Xbox Live Indie Games. Ok, 80% of its entire catalog is seemingly Tower Defense or Zombie Survival games, but there were also some interesting, experimental and straight-up great titles on there.

On September 29, Xbox is shutting the service down. All of those games, from Cthulu Saves the World, to Try Not to Fart, will be gone for good. Until that date you can go and purchase any that have caught your eye and, of course, all games previously bought from the channel can be re-downloaded in the future.

So whether you wanna test your reflexes in the genuinely cool Hurdle Turtle, blow away matchstick men in the Head Shot trilogy, or just wanna snatch up a handful of dreadful prank games featuring Getty Images assets, then the time to cross off that wishlist is now.

FYI, September 29th will be the last day to purchase new XBLIG games on Xbox 360. You will still be able to re-d/l games you own, of course.

[email protected] (@ID_Xbox) September 11, 2017