Xbox One gets UK price cut


Console dips below ?300

Game console price drops: great news for consumers waiting to make a purchase and irritating to those who’ve recently been out shopping. If you’ve been holding off on buying an Xbox One in the UK for the price to dip a little lower then you’ll be pleased to know the UK price of the console has officially dropped below £300.

While the console’s official price has only just dropped to £299.99, many UK retailers have already been selling the system at that price. Does this mean we will see UK retailers push their console prices even lower? Time will tell.

Since the Kinect was removed as a mandatory part of console bundles, the Xbox One has had an official UK price of £329.99, considerably below its UK launch price of £429. In the UK the PlayStation 4 is officially a little more expensive than the Xbox One at £349, but it has not had to drop its price since launch to maintain its strong sales lead.