Xbox One is getting a 'Looking for Group' feature


Clubs and tournaments, too

Later this year, Xbox Live will make it easier for Xbox One players to seek out others. Microsoft is adding the oft-requested “Looking for Group” (LFG) feature to the platform and I’m pretty sure 98 percent of the folks cheering during the E3 presser reveal were Destiny players. It’s a good get!

Xbox Live is also going to introduce Clubs (groups that like-minded players can mingle in) and Arena (a tournament platform for games). Arena has support lined up from companies like Hi-Rez, Wargaming, and Daybreak, with FIFA tournaments happening “in the coming years.”

Mike Ybarra, director of program management at Xbox, also noted that Microsoft is moving servers “closer to where gamers are” for a faster, more reliable network. We’ve also got the voice assistant Cortana, background music support, and language region independence coming up on Xbox One this year.