Xbox One wireless controller capability comes to PC next week


Cutting cords

At GDC this year, Phil Spencer announced that sometime in 2015 people would be able to use their Xbox One controllers wirelessly on their PC. It seems as if Windows 10 was a big part of those plans. Now that the operating system has had some time to be transitioned to, that wireless capability is rolling out.

According to a listing on Xbox’s website, the wireless Xbox One controller adapter for PC will release on October 20. It’ll retail for $24.99. Judging by the product page, the upgrade to Windows 10 looks necessary; it’s plastered all across the box and the item descriptions.

As for the adapter itself, it’s nothing more than a USB stick with a button to sync the controller to it. Simple and elegant — just like this wireless solution.

While the adapter can’t be purchased from Xbox yet, Amazon already has pre-orders up at the $25 price point. Interestingly, it lists a November 3 release date, but chances are that it’s a placeholder that hasn’t been updated yet.

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