Xbox uploaded a really old Gears of War video for some reason


Speculation inbound!

You probably don’t need to bother watching this video; it’s nearly four years old at this point. That’s when Gears of War 3launched — almost four years ago. Time flies and all that, eh?

But, Xbox just uploaded the video to its YouTube account. What could that mean? Is aGears of War-related game announcement imminent? Black Tusk is working on one, after all. A rumor surrounding a re-release of the Marcus Fenix titles was squashed, unless that was all a ruse.

Now that we’re getting into the reveal season (Call of Duty and Deus Exare waving eagerly), it’s almost time for developers and publishers to show their hand. If Gears of War anything is going to happen, it’ll likely happen soon.

Or, maybe some dolt intern just pushed the wrong buttons.