Xbox will now let you upload custom Gamerpics because it seemed like a good idea at the time


What could possibly go wrong?

This month’s Xbox update is set to roll out later today and features a slew of new features.

Among the most significant are Mixer co-streaming and the ability to upload custom Gamerpics, a feature I’m sure won’t be abused in any way. Major Nelson implores everyone to keep it clean and stick to the code of conduct.

Here’s a list of the new features you can start enjoying once the update has rolled out:

  • Upload custom Gamerpics to your Xbox profile; choose how you want to express yourself.
  • Mixer co-streaming is now on console, for everyone: with just a few clicks, you and up to three of your friends can stream together in a single broadcast. Plus, never miss your friends’ streams inside your Club and Arena Tournaments.
  • Sign-in to your Xbox One with just one press of the Xbox button on your controller. Now you can make your controller truly your own.
  • New user-generated tournaments for Killer Instinct on Xbox One means it’s never been easier to go battle with your friends.

Well, no doubt the first few hours of this update will deal with a whole lot of banning folks uploading pictures of their business, so I’ll steer clear for a bit. You guys let me know how this whole custom Gamerpic thing works out.

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