Xbox's cloud streaming beta finally adds iOS devices


Registration starts now

Microsoft has been doing a bang-up job with Project xCloud, its foray into cloud-powered game streaming. In fact, it’s not an unpopular opinion that Xbox is doing it better than Google Stadia — and Project xCloud is still in beta and free. Microsoft wants to position itself as a powerhouse in leveraging its Azure cloud technology for game streaming, and these first steps indicate that’s a very realistic outcome.

However, the beta has been restricted to mobile devices thus far, and Android devices at that. That changes today. Microsoft has just opened up registration for iOS devices to join the Project xCloud beta. Here’s the registration link.

The iOS rollout is starting extremely slow, though — mostly because of restrictions with Apple’s TestFlight preview program. Only 10,000 people will be invited to the preview, and those people will probably be cycled in and out throughout the beta. Also, only one game will be included, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, due to an App Store policy.

Here’s what’s needed for the Project xCloud beta on iOS: A Microsoft account associated with an Xbox Gamertag, an iPhone or iPad running iOS 13.0 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One wireless controller, access to Wi-Fi or mobile data that supports 10Mbps-down bandwidth.

If you meet the criteria and want in, take a shot at registering. Android undoubtedly has it better right now, with well over 50 free games for beta participants to play. But Project xCloud on iOS will get there one day. One step at a time.

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