XCOM 2 Collection out now on PC, coming to PS4 and Xbox One


Relieve that digital stress all over again

Firaxis Games have put out a tweet announcing that intense strategy title XCOM 2 Collection is now available on PC, Mac and Linux, with PS4 and Xbox One editions to follow sometime in the future.

For those less-inclined, XCOM 2 sees the Earth in dire straits after losing control of the planet in an intergalactic invasion. XCOM, the division formerly tasked within preventing such an occurrence, have been driven underground and now operate as a revolutionary force, striving to overthrow the occupation of Earth and its rulers, ADVENT.

The turn-based tactical title is well-known for its intense, strategic play and need for precise carefully-planned attack. It’s also notorious for its uncomfortable decision making elements, both politically and on the battlefield, which often requires the sacrifice of the few for the many. XCOM 2 Collection features the base game, along with the War of the Chosen expansion and four previously-available DLC packs, which include new soldier classes, weaponry and cosmetic options.

XCOM 2 Collection is available now on PC, Mac and Linux formats. A PS4 and Xbox One release is scheduled, but there is no specific release date as of yet.

The XCOM 2 Collection is now available for PC, Mac, and Linux. Coming soon to #PS4 and #XboxOne.

Good luck, Commander.

https://t.co/l6pDWOxmeY pic.twitter.com/Y4ffpmZ6k2

— Firaxis Games (@FiraxisGames) February 1, 2018