XSEED: Nitroplus Blasterz launches in February


Europe in ‘Early 2016’

Nitroplus Blasterz debuts in North America on February 2, XSEED Games has announced.

I had an opportunity to try the fighting game at XSEED’s fall press event in October and really enjoyed myself, despite having almost zero familiarity with any of the characters.

Most of the fighters are drawn from Nitrpoplus visual novels, though there are a few exceptions. In addition to company mascot Super Sonico, Nitroplus Blasterz features a pair of DLC characters: Homura ofSenran Kagura fame and Aino from developer Examu’s Arcana Heart games.

As a thank you gift (or incentive) for early adopters, both DLC characters will be free for the first four weeks after launch, after which time they will cost $6 individually or $10 together.

The title will be available on both PlayStation 4, where it will retail for $40 and see a physical release, and PlayStation 3, where it will only be available via the PlayStation Store for $30.

XSEED plans to provide support cross-play compatibility across both versions of the game.

A European release will take place sometime in “early 2016, care of XSEED parent Marvelous.