Yandere Simulator lets you tattle on schoolgirls you don't want to kill


Hitman-like schoolgirl murder sim

[Header art by Haryudanto]

Sure, Yandere Simulator lets you poison Japanese schoolgirls, but what if the faint of heart or the especially wily want to eliminate potential rivals for senpai’s attention without murder? Well, you can tattle. If you catch (or frame!) a fellow schoolgirl in the act of breaking school rules (using your cellphone camera to capture evidence), you can report them to the school’s thick-thighed guidance counselor for discipline.

Her role is to “scold the player for their misbehavior and give them an appropriate punishment,” a more involved fail state than the plain game over that currently exists, but as of now she can also be used to report the bad behavior of others. There will be a daily opportunity to catch your rival breaking school rules or a daily opportunity to frame them doing so. Catch them in the act and report them five days in a row and they will get expelled without you having to cover up a murder. Sometimes it’s as easy as buying information in exchange for panty shots, but other scenarios — especially framing — get more involved.

However, Rival-chan currently remains immune to your treachery.