Ynglet is a laid-back 'floating platformer' from the creator of Knytt


It’s best seen in motion

There are more good-but-not-great indie platformers than we know what to do with, and even as a lifelong fan, the games that lack that extra something all tend to blur together. Ynglet, the next project from Knytt and Affordable Space Adventures developer Nifflas, shouldn’t struggle to stand out.

It’s a platformer with “no platforms” – a game about dashing between bubbles like a “space dolphin.”

Ynglet strikes me as a cross between PixelJunk Eden, Hohokum, and Flow, but not in a derivative way. I love every last one of those games. I can already tell I’ll like this too – especially the dynamic music.

Nifflas, Triple Topping Games, and artist Sara Sandberg are bringing Ynglet to PC in 2020.