You can explore Dark Souls' Lordran in Minecraft


Praise the sun!

Minecraft user Davweed is currently recreating the world of Lordran from Dark Souls, block by block. If you’ve played Dark Souls, you probably know how crazy this is. Lordran is full of grandiose locations that interconnect and weave into each other, so it’ll take a lot of precision and dedication to pull this off.

The map hasn’t been completely built yet, but it looks very impressive so far! Firelink Shrine, New Londo Ruins, and most of Undead Asylum are ready to be explored. Davweed says he’ll be working on finishing Blighttown, Valley of the Drakes, and the Catacombs next. Better watch out for skeletons in the Catacombs…

I might want to explore this myself once it’s finished, if only to see what he does with Ash Lake.

You can download the project and check for updates over here.

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