You can help the community Streamtoid channel raise money for Extra-Life!


Dtoiders playing games for a good cause

[Here’s a quick bump for our charity stream on behalf of Extra-Life. TL;DR: we have members of team Destructoid streaming when they can from November 2 up to the official game day date of November 4. You can catch their streams individually, being hosted by Streamtoid, and you can even pledge to join team Destructoid and host your own stream whenever you have time to help contribute to our goal! Or you can just donate to our causes. Whatever works for you!]

Surely you’ve heard of Extra-Life? The annual event that brings gamers together to raise money for sick kids in their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital? Well this year not only has Destructoid organized a team to help raise money, but we’re bringing back the community twitch channel to do it, Streamtoid!

Local community member NeoTurbo stepped on my toes to remind me that Extra-Life was happening and that Destructoid could do some good by organizing a little something to help raise money for a good cause. So last week I put out an early call in the community blogs, asking for people who want to join team Destructoid on Extra-Life.

Right now our A-list team of community members includes Gamemaniac3434, Ricopenguin, NeoTurbo, Roxas1359 and yours truly.

The team has a schedule running from November 2 to game day, November 4, streaming some of our favorite games and raising money for local hospitals. You too can join team Destructoid and pledge your time and commitment to help fundraise our group goal!

So remember to tune in November 2 to Streamtoid to see some of our community members playing live, non-stop, until game day ends on midnight on November 5.