You can now officially play Space Harrier II while in space on your phone



SEGA Forever keeps chugging along with monthly game updates and I keep coming up with weird ways to memeify my headlines. Has anyone actually shopped for an axe while playing Golden Axe? Anyway, the next game coming to Sega’s ever expanding collection of free titles is Space Harrier II, available today. Sequel to the arcade classic, this game originally came as the pack-in title for when the Genesis/Mega Drive launched in the US and Japan.

As with the other titles in the Forever line-up, Space Harrier II will feature cloud saves, leaderboards and Bluetooth controller support. The game will be free to download with a small, one time purchase (of $1.99) to remove ads. To commemorate SEGA Forever’s success, Sega will be cutting the fee of that ad-removal by 50% for one week, which is pretty nice.

There will also be some updates coming to the emulation software used in the previous SEGA Forever titles, which includes Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, Comix Zone, The Revenge of the Shinobi and Phantasy Star II. Apparently this will be targeting control issues, so if you happen to play with the touch screen, you’ll be in luck.

While I love that Sega is keeping to their word and actually improving the performance of some of these ports, I would really like it if they could make a singular app to keep people up to date on which games are available. It’s strange to have the SEGA Forever branding, but then not being able to find that within the App/Google Play stores. I suppose this is a moot point, though, since everything is free. Can’t complain too much about that.