You can now support Killer Instinct tourney pots with the Shadow Jago pack


For $20

Killer Instinctcontinues to improve with every passing month, and now, you’ll be able to contribute to a community prize pot by way of DLC. For $20 you can buy the Shadow Jago pack, which comes with the character, as well as 7,500 KI Gold. That amount of gold costs $20 already, so you’re basically getting the character for free as well as supporting the tourney scene.

Additionally, once Cinder launches today, all Killer Instinctpurchases will be donated towards the Fighting Game Community Fund up to $100,000 for a two week period. Unlike Mortal Kombat X‘s community pot skin, all, not some of the proceeds within that cap will go to the prize pools.

Shadow Jago Community Bundle []