You can read the Sonic Forces tie-in comic right here


Gotta read fast

Sega’s Sonic Forces blasts onto the scene next month, bringing with it the unenviable task of matching up to the much-beloved Sonic Mania that dropped earlier this year to mucho fan acclaim.

In order to set the scene a little for the new title, Sega are publishing a four-issue digital comic series, which will serve as a prequel for the Sonic Forces plotline. Issue One is out now, titled “Moment of Truth”. Deep.

Given that the new game is just about a month away, it can be surmised that we’ll see an issue of this online comic each week, culminating in the release of Sonic Forces, which drops on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC November 7.

You can read Sonic Forces: Issue One, written by Ian Flynn, in the gallery below.