You can swap between 8-bit and HD visuals at any time in Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap


Love this feature

A handful of games have done the whole “swap aesthetics” thing over the past few years or so, and it’s a really great feature. Although I would have settled for an “either or” option that would entice me to beat the game twice, going above and beyond and allowing players to swap it at any time is a nice selling point and still achieves the same goal of cramming two different styles in one game.

That’s just what Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trapis going to do — you can switch between 8-bit and HD whenever you want. In case you weren’t aware this is a remake of the Sega Master System original, and developer Lizardcube has confirmed that you can use your original passwords in the updated game. I haven’t been following this project that closely, but they got me one fell swoop.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap will hit the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch later this spring.