You can unlock Overwatch skins with the Summer Games weekly challenges


Weekend at Torb’s

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve gotten sun-drunk a few too many times this summer. I’m loving the warm weather, but staying inside to play some video games sounds like an increasingly good idea. Overwatch just got Summer Games 2019 off the ground and the new weekly challenges are calling my name. The three-week event began today and it’s going to run through Monday, August 5.

I’m particularly into Genji’s Kendo-inspired gear, Hanzo’s fresh koi tattoo, and Reaper’s delightfully obnoxious American outfit. Some of the skins like the flag getup are strictly challenge unlocks.

Week 1

  • Win three games: Shark Attack spray
  • Win six games: Punchimari icon
  • Win nine games: American Reaper skin

Week 2

  • Win three games: Snorkeling spray
  • Win six games: Tennismari icon
  • Win nine games: Zhongguo Mei skin

Week 3

  • Win three games: Sand Castle spray
  • Win six games: Footballmari icon
  • Win nine games: Bundesadler Reinhardt skin

These challenges aren’t restricted to Quick Play or Competitive – Arcade mode works too!

Aside from the skins, there’s also Lúcioball if you’re into that sort of thing.