You can vote for the next Disney Infinity character, please pick Darkwing Duck


Let’s get dangerous

Disney is allowing people to vote for the next Disney Infinitycharacter, and the process is as easy as clicking on a picture. You can’t just write-in anyone you want though, as they’ve narrowed down the vote to just 20 selections. It’s doing astonishingly well, garnering1,161,630 votes at the time of this writing.

Characters range from classics like Captain Hook, to more modern heroes like Hercules, to the inexplicable like the Mad Hatter based on the horrid Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderlandfilm. I’m officially turning this into a campaign for Darkwing Duck though, so if you like me at all, you’ll vote for him.

Though, if I reallygot my way, I’d vote for Goliath from Gargoyles. Hell, I’d take a whole GargoylesDisney Infinityplayset.

You Get to Choose the Next Disney Infinity Character! [Disney]