'You paint the world with your Soft Body'



Well, that headline wrote itself.

Soft Body, *ahem*, looks like a cool, free-flowing take on Snake. Here, you’re dodging bullets while filling in the world and your snake can split apart to form two bodies, each controlled by an analog stick. If you’ve never played anything like this before (see: Schizoid), it’s waaay harder than it looks.

Thankfully, there are two modes, Soft and Hard. The former is meant to “facilitate people gradually learning the game’s mechanics and rules.” You won’t always have to control two characters at once, unlike Hard Mode, which “[takes] full advantage of the game’s unique, brain-splitting mechanics.”

I was down for Soft Body the moment I saw the gif. It’ll support cross-buy on PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Introducing Soft Body on PS4, PS Vita [PlayStation Blog]