You should probably hold off on buying Tony Hawk 5 for now



As you may have heard, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5is a bit glitchy.

Now, this shouldn’t come as a complete shock.Developer Robomodo, who has handled the series since 2009, hasn’t had the best track record with Ride, Shred, and Tony Hawk HD. In particular, the latter game was filled to the brim with wonky physics and glitches, some of which didn’t get patched until months later.

I’m currently playing Tony Hawk 5for review now, and I’ve ran into many of the same problems as our friends from Eurogamer. Additionally, I’ve seen more issues not present in that video, like online connection problems for public games. As a note, the rest of it is pretty standard fare. There’s no create-a-skater mode, only the option to customize existing skaters with different outfits. The create-a-park is actually better than past iterations, as the complexity meter allows the placement of more objects than ever before.

Then there’s the reworked art style, which is better than the initial announcement, but still pretty poor. Based on what I’ve played so far, I can easily see it being a nice little $10 title after some fixes, but remember — this is a full retailgame we’re talking about here. Wait for more impressions and reviews before you pull the trigger.

I’ll be doing nothing but playingTony Hawk 5until I can provide a review sometime soon.