You'd have to be psycho to pass up on Psychonauts for free


Humble Store continues the Milkman Conspiracy

The Humble Store is winding down on its end of summer sale and to celebrate, they are giving away Double Fine’s classic platformer, Psychonauts, for the next day and a half. While I don’t think it’s necessarily aged as well as other games from the same era, Psychonauts has a terrific story with great atmosphere and characters that is well worth a playthrough. Getting it for free is basically a no brainer, unless your PC is literally a potato.

The PC port was updated a few years ago to support widescreen resolutions, more modern gamepads and even reduce the difficulty of its most infamous level, the Meat Circus. You can also get a mod that adds 360 controller button prompts so as not to confuse yourself. Really, this is the best version of the game hands down and having it for free is just awesome. Good job, Humble!

PSYCHONAUTS [Humble Store]