You'll be able to pre-load Fallout 4 on all platforms


PS4, Xbox One, PC

Because playing a game only counts if you do so at the exact moment it becomes possible to do so (November 10), you may be happy to learn that Fallout 4 will be available to pre-load on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Bethesda confirmed.

We can confirm that #Fallout4 will have pre-loading on Xbox One, PS4, and PC so you have a few days to download the game before 11/10

— Bethesda Softworks (@bethesda) October 26, 2015

That means you can download the game in advance of it going live on various storefronts (provided you’ve purchased in advance) and can play once its active without needing to do the 29GB download first. Because you’ll have already done it. Computers are very complicated, no need to concern yourself with it too much.

Take that, suckers whom are buying a disc of the game. Well, except PC suckers, whose Fallout 4 boxed copy still requires a Steam download anyways.