YouTube bans Yandere Simulator anime panty shots, commenters are pissed


To be fair, when aren’t YouTube commenters pissed?

The developer of Yandere Simulatormade a recent unfortunate discovery. YouTube removed one of his videos for violating its policy on nudity and sexual content — a claim that he seemingly vehemently disagrees with. The offending content? Anime upskirt panty shots.

In the video, the developer was demonstrating a useful feature of the game. Yes, panty shots are an effective (and optional) mechanic in Yandere Simulator. They can be sent to other characters in exchange for favors, a morally dubious way to get ahead in the game.

But, YouTube doesn’t see it that way. It just sees sexual content that violates its terms of use. So, the video was removed.

The Yandere Simulatordeveloper is upset, but he’s far from the only one. The explanation video’s comments are rife with riled-up fans. A fair number tell him that he should contest the removal, as there’s far worse content on YouTube. Others (rightfully) point out the hypocrisy that most videos related to that one feature uncensored panty shots.

A small contingent of fans has taken to calling out “social justice warriors” and reddit as the reason for the video’s removal. More yet wonder why dead schoolgirls lying in pools of blood is acceptable, but panties are not. Regardless of each commenter’s rationale, almost all are incredulous to some degree.

Well, save for the user that chipped in with “I love how you said ‘sexual cooontent.’ Your voice is so magical!” I think that’s the one thing we can all agree on here.