I never would have thought of this Zelda: Breath of the Wild trick shot quest solution


As always, I want to go try it immediately

Every Zelda: Breath of the Wild player remembers the Ancient Furnace bits. You’re tasked with delivering a blue flame from a specific point to two tech labs at various points in the story, and the game recommends that you use a torch. Of course there are ways around this, including this really fun Breath of the Wild trick shot from freetable.

Described as a “big brain moment,” they simply line up an arrow with the blue flame, then let it rip all the way to the tech lab. Bam: quest finished. It’s a puzzle solution that I often take for granted, as the old school “intended” method is basically ingrained in my memory. In fact, some people might attempt this method and take longer than just doing it the original way. According to freetable, the Breath of the Wild trick shot took them “10-15 tries” to hit it (using the phrenic bow), which is actually pretty good!

In the comments, someone recalls witnessing a player who brought the blue fire from Akkala to Hateno, because they didn’t see that Hateno actually had a blue flame starter. Now that’s a story! Not one I’d really want to replicate in any fashion, but I’m sure they had fun doing it, and then realizing the errors of their ways.

My biggest memories of this quest? The rain. Rain screws basically everything up in this game, from climbing to anything having to do with fire. But I’m sure I came up with solutions in my blind no-guide, no discourse playthroughs that are probably lost to time as well. Whenever I do mount another playthrough, I’ll have all this knowledge at my fingertips. I’ll be unstoppable! Breath of the Wild trick shot videos are just the tip of the iceberg.