Zero Time Dilemma takes text skipping to a new level


Skip everything

I can still recall the pain of playing through various New Game+ modes in old games where you couldn’t skip cutscenes. It was excruciating, having to sit through 10-15 minute expositions constantly, but newer games have gotten better about it.

That goes double for Zero Time Dilemma, which will allow you to basically skip through everything. Aksys Games has detailed the system, which explains that outside of gameplay,text boxes are a thing of the past. Instead, cutscenes, which can be instantly skipped, will host subtitles. There’s a log built in that shows previous dialogue if you get confused, and by manually skipping a scene, it will skip that entire scene, not just that line of text.

It’s par for the course for the series, but it’s now taken to a new extreme, so be careful when pressing buttons while people are talking!

Explanation of Zero Time Dilemma cinema sections [Aksys]