Agent 47 strives for perfection in Hitman 2 trailer


Gameplay tweaks hope to deliver the ultimate assassination experience

Warner Bros. and IO Interactive have released a new trailer for upcoming stealthy/stabby title Hitman 2. The video, titled “Hitman: Perfected” looks at how the new games aims to sharpen every element of the long-running series gameplay with new features and modes.

In the lightning-fast promo, Hitman 2 gives us a glimpse at new multiplayer modes, such as the PvP “Ghost” mode and a co-op variant of Sniper Assassin. As for the standard campaign missions, new mechanics have been implemented including a better and more detailed mini-map, fairer visual cues for security camera line-of-sight and picture-in-picture hints. Hitman 2’s melee combat has been improved, as well as its stealth mechanics, allowing for more reliable cover in foliage and among crowds. This is not to mention the new weapons, tools and huge new maps for 47 to ply his deadly trade.

Having spent a little time with Hitman 2 already, I can confirm that I found it packed with small changes (such as the melee combat) that really improved the flow of the game, as well as realistic map design and the game’s impressive crowd tech. I’m very much looking forward to donning the tie once more and seeing how Hitman 2 delivers on release.

Hitman 2 launches November 13 on PS4, PC and Xbox One.