Almost no one knows how to get one of Fallout 4's Trophies


Maybe you can help?

There are a lot of people playing Fallout 4right now. On launch day, there were more than 400,000 playing concurrently, which set a Steam record. This tracker estimated 1.2 million PC sales and that’s probably a worst-case scenario. Many more have it on PS4 and Xbox One.

For all these folks exploring the Wasteland at once, one in-game accomplishment has eluded almost everyone. Settlement building is a big part of Fallout 4and a mechanic that’s new to the series. There’s a Trophy/Achievement for reaching maximum happiness in a settlement, and it’s unlock rate is shockingly low.

Yes, it seems as if almost no one knows how to get “Benevolent Leader” to unlock. According to Steam, zero percent of players have it. TrueAchievements, the leading community site in tracking Achievements on Xbox, also reports no successes. PS4 currently says that 0.1 percent of users on Sony’s platform having picked it up. That number very recently changed from zero percent.

So, it’s possible. But, those with the info aren’t sharing. There doesn’t seem to any sort of guide online with directions on the necessary steps. One of the reasons is surely that Fallout 4is very new and this seems to be a late-game accomplishment. However, several people have had the game for weeks, many of them are the types who make guides professionally. Still, nothing about “Benevolent Leader.”

For what it’s worth, our own Jordan Devore is one of those who has been playing for a while now, and this Trophy is the last he has to unlock. He’s befuddled. “My defense is 130, and it feels like I have 100 of everything else. I put down about a billion pictures and rugs and even made a basketball court,” he said. He can’t crack 90 percent happiness, let alone max it out.

Even though it has only been two days, it’s slightly odd that the most-anticipated game of the year would go this long without someone figuring this problem out and reporting in. It’s surely frustrating for those who only have this standing between them and a Platinum Trophy. If you know the solution, won’t you be a kind soul and share with us?