Angry Birds film settles in on 'fresh' reviews while Ratchet & Clank remains rotten


At least the Rachet game was good!

The reviews for the Angry Birds film are out and although they started of dipping a bit, they eventually shot their way up, normalizing at 64% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time of this writing, which is above the 60% “Fresh” threshold. In other words, critically, it’s not a complete disaster like say, Pixels was. Meanwhile, over in the other part of Sony land (they’re both Sony, yep), the Ratchet & Clankmovie is sitting at a woeful 16% “Rotten” rating.

Both are filled to the brim with stars (although Birds pushes an $80 million budget, whereas Ratchet somehow managed a tame $20 million), as each studio was clearly banking on them, but Birds pulled out — it’s already achieved $43 million at the box office and counting compared to Ratchet‘s $11.1 million.

It still has a ways to go before it makes up for its marketing budget (generally, double the production budget, so $160 million), but given the merchandise and game sales, I think it’ll at least come out profitable even if it doesn’t hit that mark. I…uh, kind of want to see it now after its stint in theaters? I also need to see Ratchet, as I hear that it’s actually a competent, if dull film.

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