At last! A Hat in Time hits Nintendo Switch on October 18


Including a $40 physical release

A Hat in Time for Nintendo Switch has shifted from an eternal “coming soon” window to a real release date: October 18, 2019. It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but it should be worth the wait.

The Switch version of A Hat in Time will be available digitally and physically, and it’ll sport local co-op play alongside the paid Seal the Deal DLC, which adds the Arctic Cruise chapter. This DLC hasn’t made its way to PS4 or Xbox One yet it’s been PC only so that’s a good get for Switch players. If you end up going for the physical edition, you’ll get Seal the Deal as well, albeit as an eShop download.

I know some of you have been specifically waiting to play this cheerful 3D platformer on Switch potential performance concerns aside, the two really should go hand-in-hand so hang in there a little longer. You’re in the home stretch. This game is super cute and you’re probably going to dig it.

A Hat in Time Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed, Includes Co-Op [IGN]