Battle royale game The Culling heads to Xbox One next week


A second chance

Intentional timing or otherwise, it seems The Culling is poised to catch some of that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds buzz with a soon-to-be-released Xbox One port. First released last year on Steam Early Access (where it still resides), the game pits 16 conniving players against each other with guns, melee weapons, and traps in the currently hot-as-heck kill-or-be-killed battle royale format.

The Culling will be out on Xbox One next Friday, June 2 through the Xbox Game Preview program.

I haven’t kept up to date with it in recent months, but the general sentiment for the PC version appears to be that overzealous changes have turned a promising concept into something many fans just can’t get along with, causing them to move on to the next thing, seemingly Battlegrounds, en masse.

With the console version of The Culling reaching a new audience, hopefully Xaviant will have the chance to regain lost ground. You can’t sustain a game like this without dedicated, engaged players.