Bloggers Wanted: Those meddling kids


I would have gotten away with it, too…

Everyone wants a better life. Some people might take shortcuts, like robbing a bank, to get to there. Perhaps you discovered an amazing ability that made your life more interesting and decided to use that ability to your advantage. Or maybe you’re a powerful sorceress that just wants to absorb the entire universe through time compression and be the only being in existence.

Then those kids show up with their flying mercenary schools, investigation teams, time machines, or that mysterious van with the stoner and his dog in it. They just had to get involved and get to the bottom of things.

They should have just stayed home and studied, stuck to their part-time jobs, or looked at their life-journals and my-places. Had they just done those things, everything would have gone according to plan.

But no, these kids just had to talk about themurders, go around town looking for sailors, and met Batman and Robin along the way. Now you’re cursing them for foiling your wonderful plans as the preppy frat boy and his girlfriend pull off your mask and the Harlem Globetrotters give the police eyewitness accounts of your misdeeds.

You would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids!

We could have just gone with the very typical subject of going back to school or college this month, but then I noticed Scooby-Doo has an anniversary this month and Talk Like a Pirate Day was coming up, so I decided to give the idea a couple twists

For this month’s Blogger’s Wanted prompt, we’d like you to talk about your favorite games featuring meddlesome schoolkids or college students.

RPGs and action-adventure games have a wealth of scenarios where do-gooding kids stick their noses into affairs that don’t concern them. You can talk about those kids, why you root for them, or maybe even assume the personality of a particular kid and write about a situation or subject from their point of view!

Or maybe you just hate all those brats and were pulling for the bad guy all along. You can write about them, too! Tell us why the villain should have won or what you would have done better to ensure their victory. You can also assume their personality if you wish and write about a subject as they’d see it.

When you go to write your blog, use the prompt “Those meddling kids,” with the subtitle of your choosing and make sure to apply the “Blogger’s Wanted” tag when you’re done!

See you in the community blogs!