Bloodstained team changes plans to fix Switch version: will now deliver one big patch


‘Currently getting the bulk of dev time’

Once again,Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night plans have changed.

Right around the tumultuous launch of the Switch port of Bloodstained, IGA and his team vowed to deliver a series of incremental patches that were designed to slowly but surely beef up portions of the game that were lacking: like input delays and visual issues. As of today that is no longer going to be the case.

In a new Kickstarter update the team once again confirms that “the bulk of development time” has been shifted to patching up the Switch port, but now “after looking at what needs to be accomplished,” their goal is to actually “likely” go for one big patch. This is because it “eases the submission process” for a faster fix. Of course, there is still no ETA in sight, so the Switch version is still a cracked piece of glass. In lighter news, version 1.02 is coming today, so there is one small update already pushing out.

It’s becoming more and more clear that one week after launch was not enough of a delay for the Switch port of Bloodstained. With the weight of Kickstarter promises behind them (they already canceled the game on Wii U as it is) it seems as if they had to put up or shut up, but I don’t think Switch users expected this many issues.

In other platform news, Bloodstainedis slated for release in Japan on October 24 (even on Switch, here’s hoping it’s fixed before then), the PS4 edition is finally getting the IGA DLC on August 2, and the Xbox One update (1.006) has been delayed until the end of August. The latter one will bring with it the long-awaited fix for the Overlord achievement as well as a fix for HDR issues, which are specific to the Xbox One. The next PC update (1.04) is planned for August 2.

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