Borderlands 3 is bringing back the Eridium bonus event, and expanding the reward system


Oh, and the game got a hotfix: busy day!

Borderlands 3 has reached the point in its life where we’re repeating events. In some cases, that’s fine! A few of them have been pretty fun ways to inject some more personality into the loot system and encourage curated, timed plays where everyone is on at the same time. Show Me the Eridium was one of those lightning-in-a-bottle events, and it’s back this week.

There’s actually three bits of Borderlands 3news all at once, and we’ll go step by step. Show Me the Eridium (one of many self-described “mini events”) is running from now through April 8, and will increase the Eridium drops across the board.Oh, and Gearbox reminds usthat you need to spend 500 Eridium to take on the Hemovorous the Invincible raid bossin the paidDirector’s Cutaddon, which is still slated for April 8. Good to know!

So the second part is actually related: there’s more Eridium rewards now. This change is facilitated through two new machines (Crazy Earl’s Reroll and Maurice’s Black Market Vending Machine). The former (which is near Crazy Early’s abode in the cargo bay) lets you reroll gear similar to a lot of other looter shooters and MMOs, and the latter provides “top-tier legendary loot,” with its location scattered across Pandora’s non-DLC zones each week. In short, it’s basically Xur from Destiny.

Next up is the hotfix, which added all of the stuff you read about already above and added a stacking cap to the Operative’s commitment skill for balancing purposes, and adjusted a few skills from the Gunner and Siren classes; as well as tweaking several weapons. It’s a busy week for Borderlands 3! And it’s going to get even more crowded on April 8.

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