Brave Earth: Prologue sounds a lot like Castlevania


I Wanna Be the Belmont

We’re so excited to see Brave Earth Prologue, a 2D action platformer that has been five years in the making by Kayin, the creator of I Wanna Be the Guy! #KFGShowcase #E3 @Dangen_Ent

— Kinda Funny (@KindaFunnyVids) June 11, 2019

Brave Earth: Prologue, a Castlevaniainspired action platformer, was shown off during Kinda Funny Games’ E3 showcase after a long hiatus. Destructoid actually wrote about it three years ago with the game being announced in 2011. In development for the last five years, this title comes courtesy of I Wanna Be The GuycreatorMichael “Kayin” O’Reilly. It doesn’t look to be as brutally challenging, but it does maintain his streak of retro gaming goodness.

While not given a strict release date, the trailer ends by saying Brave Earthwill be heading to PC soon. It looks to be quite the trip, so I’ll keep my eyes on this. I nearly thought it was another game by Yacht Club Games with the art style going on, but I’m just happy to see so many games carrying the torch that Konami won’t.