E3 2019 press conference and stream schedule


Here’s everything we know of

The table is mostly set for E3 2019, and surprisingly, several of those seats are going to be vacant.

All eyes are on Microsoft this year, as Sony completely bowed out of the conference game (their lengthy late shows really took it out of me over the years, so it’s nice to have a break), following suit with Nintendo; who will presumably still run their pre-recorded Nintendo Direct segment with some obvious first-party bombshells. No Saturday EA conference is also a blessing.

Yep, Microsoft is opting to keep the same formula, where they’re expected to show off the next Xbox (Next-Box?) among other allegedly hard-hitting announcements. That’ll be on Sunday afternoon, which will kick off E3 as a whole. Following that Bethesda and Ubisoft will have their token conferences, and the PC Gaming Show will return for the fifth year in a row: despite the issues I have with it, you gotta respect that hustle and tenacity.

Expect other Square Enix Showcase type conferences to be peppered in as well as we get closer to the event. This list will always be updated with the latest information throughout the week of E3.

[You can find recaps ofEA Play,Microsoft,Bethesda,E3VR, thePC Gaming Show,Ubisoft, the Square Enixconference, and the Nintendo Directat these links.]

Saturday, June 8

9:30AM PT (12:30PM ET) — EA Play (Official Stream)

Sunday, June 9

1PM PT (4PM ET) — Microsoft’s press conference (Xbox One,Twitch,Xbox.com)

5:30PM PT (8:30PM ET) — Bethesda’s press conference (Twitch)

7PM PT (10PM ET) — Devolver Digital (Twitch)

Monday, June 10

9AM PT (12PM ET) — E3VR Showcase (Official stream)

10AM PT (1PM ET) — PC Gaming Show (Official stream)

12PM PT (3PM ET) — Limited Run Games (Official stream)

1PM PT (4PM ET) — Ubisoft’s press conference (Twitch)

6PM PT (9PM ET) — Square Enix Live (Official stream)

Tuesday, June 11

9AM PT (12PM ET) — Nintendo (Official Stream)

(Following the Direct) — Nintendo Treehouse (Official Stream)

Wednesday, June 12

9AM PT (12PM ET) — Nintendo Treehouse (Official Stream)

Thursday, June 13

9AM PT (12PM ET) — Nintendo Treehouse “Indie Day” (Official Stream)