Come watch Square Enix's 2019 E3 press conference with us


Will hell freeze over as we get a *full* Final Fantasy VII Remake release date?

I’m not even going to try to parse what’s going to happen in Square Enix’s E3 showcase today because it’s going to be an absolute circus either way. If we get a confirmation of when all of Final Fantasy VII Remakeis dropping (March 2020 seems to just be the first episode?), everyone will go wild. If we don’t, everyone will go crazy for completely different reasons. Maybe they’d be wise to omit any mentions of “episodic content” in their presentation as that’s still a sensitive topic.

As a reminder, Square Enix’s showcase thingie is a lot like a Nintendo Direct. Last year they mostly just dropped trailers on us with bits of news within with little fanfare. That seems to be the case this year, and you can bet money on little tidbits on stuff we already knew about as well as a few new announcements.

It’s late, I know. This is the time zone typically reserved for Sony, but thankfully this Direct-esque show should be a lot smoother and quicker than Sony’s patented three-hour long mixed quality “oh but there was one huge thing in there so it redeems the entire thing” presentation.

You can watch it live here(or here).

(Also,here’s a link to this week’s press conference scheduleso you always know which publisher is up next.)

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