Chaos;Child coming to the west for PS4, PS Vita


PQube behind the localization

Turns out the earlier Amazon Germany listings were correct, as PQube announced today that Chaos;Child will be receiving a western release.

While no solid date has been given, PQube has stated that Chaos;Child will be coming to North America and Europe in Q3 2017. The visual novel will be arriving on PS4 and PS Vita, leaving the Xbox One (which was where the visual novel first launched) and PS3 versions behind in Japan. The western release will be nearly two and a half years after its initial release in Japan, so for those looking to find out more, the internet will be a minefield of spoilers.

Since I’m unfamiliar with the game itself, and terrified of stumbling upon and posting said spoilers by mistake, here’s a snippet from the press release to help get an understanding of what the plot is:

“Taking place in Shibuya, Tokyo, several years after an earthquake has nearly destroyed the district, it follows Takuru Miyashiro, a high school student who lost his parents in the earthquake, and his group of friends.

When a series of bizarre murder cases take place in Shibuya, Takuru notices that the dates of the murders match up with a series of murders that happened six years before. Using this knowledge, Takuru and his friends begin to investigate and find themselves embroiled in a dangerous murder mystery…”

PQube has also released a teaser trailer, which you can find below.